Sample CV

Curriculum vitae is a complete list of both professional and personal highlights in the life of a person to test his chances of being selected for a job role. Although many people widely consider resume and CV as synonyms, there is quite a good difference.

While the resume is just a short list of the educational and experience details of a person, a sample CV outlines complete set of related achievements, positions held along with those basic things mentioned in a resume and ranges from three to four pages generally.

We have CV templates that suit the job instead of a generic style for every role. Mostly the CVs are meant for the roles which are academic, research and high profile in nature which demand high experience in the past and also for those jobs off the shore.

A decent CV format is quite essential to ensure a professional look. All the content must be in the reverse order of chronology (latest developments first). It is very important to check the spelling twice or more.

Skills must be presented by a great set of situations where in they were applied to good effect so as to convince the assessor. All the liabilities such as bad job experiences, poor grades may be avoided to escape the chance of being rejected at the very first look.

All care is to be taken that every part of the resume looks real and authentic as there will be great competition from the fellow job seekers and so, every single detail mentioned matters.

There are still many CV tips more particular for every specific job role and you may go through the links on this page to get detailed information on them.

Sample CV